Pumping equipment

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Submersible pump
Place the pump in your basement, when flooding or groundwater intrusion occurs, the pump starts automatically.
This type of pump can be used to advantage for irrigation, pumping of tanks and containers.

Deep water pump or Clear water submersible pump
Is only suitable for clear water, used for drainage of basements during floods or groundwater intrusion, irrigation, pumping of tanks and tanks.

Garden pump
For water supply or irrigation of the house, farms and garden with rain or ground water.
Suitable for pumping water from wells and cisterns, and emptying ponds and lakes.

Water pressure booster pump
For automatic supply or irrigation of the house, yard and garden with rainwater, hot water or groundwater.

High pressure water pump and Dirt water submersible pump
Drainage of very dirty areas, pits, garden ponds, etc., can also be used for sprinklers.

Pumping equipment

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